Wednesday Nights

We meet each Wednesday night at the church from 6-8 pm for dinner, games, worship, and Bible studies. Students eat together (bring $5 for food) then split into separate groups for middle and high school, with different leaders and studies.

Our Wednesday night youth group is really focused on evangelism and growth, and is hopefully an easy and fun place for students to invite their friends to church.

Sunday School

Our middle school and high school students have separate Sunday school classes meeting at 9:30 am.

In Sunday school we generally work through a topic or book of the Bible at a time, focusing on discipleship. This is a great time for students to learn to read the Bible on their own, and grow in truth as young believers.

Our Leaders
High School: Ben Halbrooks & Katie Newton
Middle School: Harrison Stringfellow (interim leader), Sarah Hawk (interim mom volunteer leader)


For more information, please contact Youth Ministry Leaders

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