Inviting all into God’s grace…

Cross Creek Church seeks to grow in truth, live in community and serve in the kingdom, by God’s grace and for God’s glory. These last words are really the starting place for our church… It is only by God’s grace that we who fall so short of God’s high calling can know His wonderful love and only by God’s grace that fallen people can be used for God’s work. Because all is of grace, all is for God’s glory.

Grow in Truth

The world out there and the world inside of us can be confusing and false. Thankfully, the Lord of Truth and Light has not left us in fear and guilt. Instead, God has revealed truth in the Bible. This is a “living and active” message that changes us as we encounter it. Through Cross Creek Church we invite you to grow in truth, by grace, through faith, in Jesus.

Live in Community

The world out there and the world inside each of us can be lonely and disconnected. Thankfully, the Lord who made us to live with others invites us to not only build deep relationships in the church, but to live our lives to benefit the whole community around us. Through Cross Creek Church we invite “every tribe, and tongue, and nation” to live as a distinctive community in Christ.

Serve in the Kingdom

The world out there and the world inside each of us can be selfish and purposeless. Thankfully the King of Kings and Lord of Lords calls us to give ourselves to service to our family and friends in need, to the hurting in our city, and to those who need the mercy and message of Christ all around the world. Through Cross Creek Church we invite you to lock arms, break out of living just for self, and joyfully serve in the Kingdom of God.

Our History

Cross Creek Church is an evangelical Christian church in Birmingham, Alabama, serving both Birmingham and Hoover. We began with 25 adults and 20 children in 2009, with our first Worship Service on September 13, 2009. We have now grown to over 225 people, including 85 youth and children, and are learning to grow, live, and serve as part of Cross Creek Church. Our summer Cross Creek Kids Camps and domestic and international mission trips have been highlights of God’s grace in our midst.

In addition to meeting for Men’s Small Groups and Women’s Small Groups and Life Groups throughout the community, we have been blessed to meet each Sunday morning, initially at an elementary school, then sharing space with another church, and now owning our own renovated church building at  560 Lake Crest Drive, Hoover, AL 35226.

Worship Service is at 10:30 a.m.; Sunday School, 9:30 a.m.

In 2017 we also completed the purchase of 11.5 acres of land near the intersection of Highway 150 and Ross Bridge Parkway, for potential future development, as our congregation grows.