Mom's Morning Out at Cross Creek Church

Cross Creek MMO’s mission is to provide parents the opportunity to engage in life’s activities, appointments, or other outings while their children are cared for in a safe, loving, Christ-filled environment.

Cross Creek MMO is a ministry of Cross Creek Church. Therefore, we strive to exemplify our mission of “Glorifying God, by Inviting all into God’s Grace.”



Cross Creek MMO will be open Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9 am to 1 pm. Please bring lunch for your child. *Snacks provided. Our morning will include classroom playtime, singing, Bible lesson, lunch, read aloud, playground time, craft, and cleanup.  

Our 2022 Calendar will run from Tues, Sept. 13th-Thurs. May 20th. 

We will be closed on Fall Break, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Spring Break holidays following the Hoover City Schools calendar. 



Cross Creek MMO will follow a drop-in format. There will be a sign-up online and you may register your child for any day through Dec. 2022. In Nov. 2022 the registration for Jan-May 2023 will be released and you can register your child for any day.  

Cross Creek MMO is open for ages birth – 3 years. There will be a limited number of spots on the sign-up for each day.  



Payment is $30 per child for the day. Payment must be made online.
Packages can be purchased to pay for multiple days at one time.

If you are signed up for a day at Cross Creek MMO and you do not show up, you are still responsible for payment on that day. 


Cross Creek MMO is a well-child nursery

Please use your best judgment and do not bring a contagious child to MMO.  

Cross Creek MMO will do everything we can to keep your child safe and happy while they are with us. Please do keep your phone on while you are away from your child in case we need to contact you for any particular reason. 


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