Our church provides two well-baby nurseries during Sunday School and the worship service each Sunday.  Our Infant and Toddler Nursery is divided into two areas, one for children who are not yet walking and another for children who have begun walking up to two and a half years of age.  Our Preschool Nursery is for children who are proficient walkers under age four.

Our Nursery’s Purpose

To show each child the love of Christ
To create a comfortable, friendly, and secure environment for each child
To introduce children to the gospel message in an age-appropriate manner
To encourage in children positive feelings about coming to church
To facilitate the active participation of parents in Sunday School and Worship
To foster friendship among our children through playing and sharing

Nursery Staff
Our Nursery uses a combination of paid staff and church volunteers.  Our paid staff and volunteers have each undergone extensive background checks and have been approved by our Pastoral Staff.

Tips for Parents 

General Policies