Children’s Church is offered for children K4-2nd Grade. We believe that it is important for these children to both experience corporate worship with their families and others, as well as to learn age-appropriate Biblical truths that they can understand and apply. For this reason, these children attend worship with their parents or guardians during the praise and worship time at the beginning of the service, and then are dismissed to Children’s Church before the sermon.

Children’s church time includes a snack/water/bathroom break. It also includes a bible lesson, singing, scripture memory, and sometimes a craft.

Creek Kids Morning Worship/Younger Elementary

To best serve your children and to accomplish the depth of Bible teaching, prayer time, sharing time, and fellowship we have a continuous Creek Kids Morning Worship from 9:15-10:40 am for K4-2nd graders. If you do pick up your child early please understand they may not get the full lesson and worship experience.

*Visiting children getting picked up after Worship is expected and not a problem.

Curriculum: Gospel Project for Kids

Jesus the Servant
“Jesus the Servant helps kids discover how Jesus, the only Son of God, is greater than the prophets—not only healing the sick and raising the dead, but defeating sin and death once and for all. Jesus taught how believers should live, and He told parables about the kingdom of God. He showed that God wants His people to be saved from sin. Jesus’ miracles were part of His purpose in bringing glory to the Father. His miracles proved that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God. They strengthened people’s faith and met their needs. Through Jesus, God did what is impossible for us to do on our own. He provided forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life.”

Children’s Church Teachers

Volunteers in our church teach children’s Church on a rotating basis.  Our volunteers have all undergone extensive background checks and been approved by our Pastoral Staff.  These teachers are committed to showing the love of Christ as they teach, encourage, and get to know your child through Children’s Church.

Additional Resources

If your child has grown out of the age range for which Children’s Church is provided, and you would like an additional resources to know how to better help your child get the most out of corporate Worship, check out Parenting in the Pews by Robbie Castleman. It gives more than helpful advice to the frustrated but hopeful parent…it reminds us of the right perspective with which to teach our children the Joy of Worship!