Crossing the 2 Samuel Finish Line! 

As we finish up our sermon series in second Samuel this Sunday it is a great time to pause and reflect on all that I trust God has been teaching us these last few months. In a sense he has also been teaching us since last year when we journeyed through first Samuel.
Going through an entire book of the Bible as we have done in this series certainly takes focus and concentration. Growing through weekly sermons is like a lot of things in life – God must work,but we also get out of it what we put into it. So now is a good time to pause and think back on some of the central themes that we have seen particularly in the life of David.

The central question we have addressed is, who is king? And of course we have seen this somewhat rhetorical question answered each week in the recognition that God is king and the kingship of the Old Testament people of God is ultimately fulfilled only and perfectly in King Jesus.

As I share a final message from chapter 24 this Sunday we will hopefully get a chance to reflect on some more of the lessons learned over the last few months but I found the following article to be insightful both for our current national situation and for dealing with one of the most common struggles and sin patterns we all face of worry and anxiety and fear. I hope you will take a few moments to read through it. Oh and stay tuned for info coming soon on a topical outreach series I will preach through in aug and sep, “Knowing and Sharing Our Faith” starting Aug 7.