International Mission Trips

We have had several short-term mission trips to Peru and Ukraine. We have a vision of continually expanding our view of the mission of God through His Church and these trips are just one way of doing that. When we consider where to go with short-term trips, one of our primary desires is to go where we can form a long-term relationship. Though these trips may seem short, they provide opportunities to pray and lift up the Church around the world, to serve and to observe.


2022 – A team from our church joined with others from Christ Presbyterian in Trussville, to minister at a Training Conference for around 50 Indian Pastors and their families. Some from our team helped with Children’s Ministry, others with Youth and Medical consultation, and our pastor taught on Marriage and Family.


2010 – Our first mission trip to Lima, Peru, a city of 8 million people, teaching and ministering along side our local missionaries at “Iglesia Presbyteriana Luz de Vida.”

2011 – Lima, Peru, where we had assisted in a medical clinic in Man Chi, an impoverished section of this city working in conjunction with the New City MTW Team and Luz de Vida Church.

2012 – To the mountain villages outside Huaraz. The need was for both medical and non-medical teams. A team of eleven provided medical care for over 600 people, led at least 30 people in prayers to receive Christ for salvation, visited schools, and sponsored and led Bible classes for children.

2013 – Returned to Hauraz to assist our missionaries, Larry and Sandra Rockwell. Our team of 13 provided medical and spiritual care for over 600 people, tending to aches and pains, sharing the love of Jesus and His Good News.

2016 – Our Pastor and his wife along with the Vander Noot’s, and the oldest sons in each family, primarily visited and encourage our numerous missionaries in Peru.

2018 – Several families of our church community spent ten days ministering alongside missionaries that Cross Creek Church supports.


2010 – Our first mission trip to Kiev, Ukraine joining with eight members from CrossPointe Church, Austin, TX. We served with two MTW missionaries and 30 members of the “Solomensky Presbyterian Reformed Church” ministering to 38 students at “X-Way Camp 2010.”

2011 – Kiev, Ukraine where we had co-hosted a Summer Camp for Orphans with Solomensky Church, a MTW church plant, spreading the Good News of Christ through relationship building while partnering with Ukrainian Christians in leading a camp for orphans.