Church Building Campaign FAQs

What is happening? 

After launching as a church 12 years ago, we are thankful to God for providing for us our first church building. We believe this will be a wonderful tool for fulfilling our vision “Glorifying God, By Inviting All, Into God’s Grace,” and this campaign will be a journey of growth and faith, as we ask our congregation to contribute to this purchase and potential renovations.

What is Twelve – Called by Him, Called for Him?

Our Building Campaign Committee prayerfully arrived at this theme, recognizing our church is in its 12th year, began with 12 households, and as God has called a people to salvation and called a people for extending His kingdom in the world, the number 12 has marked His people.

How did we arrive here? 

In early 2020, after sharing space for several years with Lake Crest Presbyterian Church (LCPC), our church leadership prepared to begin a campaign to take the next steps toward our own church facilities. Given the pandemic, we ended up pausing this initiative, but did ascertain that building a structure on the 11.5 acres of church land we own at Ross Bridge Parkway and Hwy 150, similarly-sized to the existing one we have now purchased, would be $5-6 million. At the same time LCPC informed us they wanted to sell their building to us. After several months of prayer and discussion, we reached an agreement. In July of 2021, our church officers unanimously approved this plan, and in August of 2021 we held a congregational meeting to approve the purchase. Before we completed the purchase, the building flooded, we moved to a temporary worship location, and proceeded with renovations of flooring and paint for almost the entire building.

What are the specifics of the purchase? 

We agreed to $250,000 in downpayment, minus approx. $50,000 which LCPC agreed to pay for their share of the flood remediation costs. Over the next 5 years we will make monthly payments of approx. $2600, toward the total remaining $1,000,000 we owe LCPC. When those 5 years are complete approx. $825,000 will be owed. This “loan” from LCPC is interest free. Because of the strategic nature of this purchase arrangement, we feel it would be short-sighted to sell our previously-purchased church land, since we expect our church to continuing growing, and in a future time may still need a larger long-term location.

What do we hope to raise and what will it pay for? 

Our Building Campaign Committee has prayerfully set a goal of $800,000, recognizing that if we raised $2.25 million, that would cover the entire purchase cost and our complete list of desired renovations and improvements. The first $350,000 we raise will be allocated to cover the downpayment, the renovations already completed, and a reserve for any large building maintenance expenses which may arise. The resources raised above $350,000 will go toward renovations and improvements.

What renovations and improvements might we pursue? 

In the coming weeks, through email and Sunday morning projector displays, we will share some general renderings of renovations and improvements which have emerged from our November 13 Ministry Teams Vision Meeting, as well as our staff, volunteer leaders and church officers. Our working paradigm for how we plan to proceed is similar to what most of us would probably do if we bought a 25 year-old home. Some projects would be such a clear necessity to live in the space or preserve the structure, that they should be completed as soon as possible (such as exterior stucco refinishing, main entrance sign). For other projects, it might make sense to live in the space for 6 months to a year, and considering limited funds, to determine what would be most helpful or impactful. In our case, we want to think always through the grid of both serving the needs of our current congregation and reaching out to a spiritually needy community. Potential future items we are considering: 

  • Updating the main restrooms, 
  • installing ceiling “lapendary” fabric sashes in our worship space to improve acoustics and replace the “squares,” 
  • remove existing outside play area and replace with a professionally installed playground, 
  • install interior hallways in our worship space for a noise and activity buffer to the exterior classrooms, 
  • updating the kitchen, 
  • paving additional parking spaces, 
  • expanding our stage backdrop up the wall to beautify the focal area of our worship service,
  • constructing an outdoor roofed pavilion with tables, fans and grill area
  • expanding our foyer to include the first 25 ft of the rear of our worship space, separated by glass doors from the rest of the worship area
  • building a “mezzanine” fellowship hall area above the expanded foyer

Based on preliminary architectural and construction estimates the items above range in cost from $10,000 to $250,000 and the total cost to complete all would be around $1 million.

How can I participate? 

We welcome contributions for this initiative in whatever fashion people may be led to give. We are asking givers to make a three-year planned contribution (or pledge) and invite all who are able to make the 2022 contribution in one gift, to do so on March 13. As with other giving to our church, any contributions by cash, check, from the website, or through Shelby Next Giving, should be designated, in this case for our “Building Fund.” Pledge cards are available on Sunday mornings or we can mail one upon request. Even if you plan to establish automatic giving online or through your own bank, we ask for a pledge card so we can most accurately plan expenses over the next few years. If you desire help with considering how to give from stock, real estate or other assets, we encourage contacting the PCA Foundation or National Christian Foundation.