Missions Month!

Each year we also host our Annual Missions Conference in the early part of the year.  A few years ago we went to weekly format. Each Sunday morning during Worship and Sunday School we focus on a particular area of ministry hearing from our guest speakers and preachers about how God is working in them and through them: “Missions through Local and Campus Ministries,” “Missions through Church Planting,” “Missions Abroad,” and closing with the encouragement to “Pray, Send, Go.”

This is an opportunity to visit with missionaries we support, learning about their ministries and encouraging them through prayer. We in turn are challenged on how we can servesupport and perhaps be sent. To learn more about the missionaries and local ministries that we support and pray along with us for them, please view our latest conference booklet, linked below, and conference Photos.

January 2018 Missions Month Conference theme, “…My witnesses both in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.”  Please view our 2018 Conference Booklet.

January 2017 Missions Month Conference theme, “Declare His Glory to the Nations.”  2017 Conference Booklet.

January 2016 Missions Month Conference theme, “God’s Heart for the Nations.”   2016 Conference Booklet.

January 2015  Missions Month Conference theme, “The Church on Mission.”   2015 Conference Booklet.

January 2014 Missions Month Conference theme, “Missions and the Kingdom.”    2014 Conference Booklet.

February 2013 Conference theme, “Lift Up Your Eyes.”  2013 Conference booklet.