Curriculum: “G2R”  Genesis to Revelation

G2R, which stands for Genesis to Revelation, is a curriculum that gives an overview of the Bible showing God’s plan for salvation through Christ through clear Bible truths, lessons, and Scripture memory.

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We recommend that children bring a Bible to class as we use our Bibles every week.

Creek Kids Sunday School/Older Elementary
It is strongly encouraged that if your 2nd-5th grade child does stay in the Worship service with you, that you send them to the 3rd-5th grade Creek Kids Sunday School class. This is for their benefit to get a full Gospel Project for Kids Sunday School lesson.

3rd-5th graders will continue to stay with parents in worship time and then go to Creek Kids Sunday School from 10-10:40. Taught by Lauren Lambiase.

Gospel Project for Kids
Older Elementary and Younger Elementary

Jesus the Messiah
“God’s plan to save people from sin came into sharper focus as Jesus was born at last. When Jesus grew up, He began His mission to bring people back to God. From the beginning, Jesus proved that He is the Son of God and that all that was written about Him by the prophets was true. Jesus grew up and began to prepare for His ministry. When Jesus was baptized, God confirmed His sonship. Jesus was subsequently tempted by Satan, but He did not sin. As Jesus traveled throughout Judea, His personal encounters with ordinary people changed their lives in extraordinary ways. Jesus revealed that He was God the Son in human form, living among God’s people and bringing salvation in Him alone.”