Creek Kids Sunday School/Older Elementary

It is strongly encouraged that if your 2nd-5th grade child does stay in the Worship service with you, that you send them to the 3rd-5th grade Creek Kids Sunday School class. This is for their benefit to get a full Sunday School lesson.

Summer Curriculum: Praying Girls Devotional

Praying girls are strong girls, brave girls who know that their worth lies in who God says they are, girls who trust him and know that he always comes through. But how do we get our girls to see prayer as more than just a thing they do when they go to bed? How do we encourage them to see each moment spent with God as part of a larger conversation and a deepening of the most important relationship of their lives?

With Praying Girls Devotional, bestselling author Sheila Walsh offers girls the tools to begin a life of prayer. She helps them learn:

  • to talk to God in a simple and honest way
  • how to pray when they don’t know what to say
  • that God is listening and that no problem is too big and no prayer too small
  • that prayer is a powerful weapon for every girl
  • and so much more

    *Visiting Girls or Boys in this age group are expected and welcome. Lessons will adapt if both are present.